How Can I Practice Tennis At Home?

Published: May 2, 2023

It depends on the type of home you have. If you have a wall and some space for the ball to rebound into, there are lots of drills you could do.

Volleys are the easiest shot to practise against a wall as they don’t need too much space and you don’t need to worry about the surface as the ball’s not bouncing. Here are some volley drills you can do using a wall:

Stand about 10’ from the wall and hit 10 consecutive forehands. Once you’ve achieved that goal, you can try 15 and then 20. Repeat with the backhand.

Alternate forehand and backhand. Aim for 10 consecutive shots. Once you’ve achieved that goal, you can try 15 and then 20.

You could do the same with half volleys and ground shots. Stand at least another 10’ back for the ground shots.

Stay on your toes and hit the ball gently. It’s surprising how fast the ball can rebound off the wall! 

Consider using low compression or sponge balls for the ground shots. The ball won’t rebound as hard so you won’t need as much space. 

If you have someone who could hand feed you, there are lots of options. Volleys are easy to practise If you don’t have much space. Ask your partner to stand about 10’ from you and gently throw the ball underarm to you. 

Try to play the ball back into their hands. This will encourage you to hot the ball gently which will be good for your technique. Use the same format as outlined for the wall volleys. 

You could also use hand feeding for ground shots if you have space. You’d be surprised what was possible to achieve in your back garden. Serve and volley is viable if you use a sponge ball and can even be done using a pair of rolled up socks ! Check out my video if you don’t believe me!!

Skipping is great for tennis. It can improve your stamina & teaches you to be light on your feet. It will also improve you foot-eye co-ordination. Agility ladders are also a brilliant tool for improving your footwork.

There are many more drills you can do at home to improve your tennis and I’ve made lots of videos on this topic. To view them, hit the Instructional Videos link in the main links.