The Split

Posted: 13/11/2022

The split is a simple movement that quickens your first steps to the ball. It can also help to get you away from balls that are struck close to you. In my opinion it’s absolutely vital if you’re going to… Read More >

How Can I Practice Tennis At Home?

Posted: 02/05/2023

It depends on the type of home you have. If you have a wall and some space for the ball to rebound into, there are lots of drills you could do. Volleys are the easiest shot to practise against a… Read More >

Play Tennis The Easy Way

Posted: 01/05/2020

Tennis is not the easiest sport to learn. Even in its most basic form, it could never be classed as a doddle! Adults try tennis for a multitude of reasons. The desire to make new friends, get fit, de-stress, learn… Read More >

What Are Some Tips For A Good Serve?

Posted: 01/05/2020

A good serve in tennis depends on your level e.g. if you’re an absolute beginner, just getting the ball in play could be classed as a good serve. If you’re a pro the definition changes somewhat! The one common thread… Read More >

Teach Your Child Tennis – Basic Feeding & Hitting

Posted: 14/06/2019

Tennis can be a difficult game to learn especially for young children. It’s not easy hitting a moving ball, let alone getting the aforementioned ball over the net and into court! Most children who start the game at primary school age struggle… Read More >