Practise Your Drop Volley At Home

Published: May 2, 2020

Here’s another drill that you can practise at home. Volleys in general & drop volleys in particular are not practised very much, certainly when compared to groundshots.

Why not use this time off court to develop some of the less frequently played shots? Most players over hit their drop volleys so remember to hit lightly under the ball. Slice underneath the ball so that the ball checks when bouncing. Ideally the ball will come backwards towards the net if you get it right.

Use the chopper/continental grip & hit under the ball, sending it up with backspin. It needs a loopy trajectory so that the soin can take effect on the bounce. Go forward to meet the ball.

The ideal height to make contact is approx waist height or below. To see me demonstrate a drop volley on court, check out this video: I know self-praise is no recommendation but there are some awesome shots here!!